Notice of the 2nd CandleNight0405

CandleNight0405 will be held on April 5, 2022.

【Outline of the Event】
This is a gathering for everyone to celebrate Haruma Miura’s Birthday.

(Held in remote format)

【Date and Time】
April 5, 2022
(1) 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM (Japan Time)
(2) 10:00 PM to midnight (Japan Time)

【What to Prepare】
• Please prepare something that you can express your feelings for Haruma.
The project team wants to make this special day, CandleNight0405 full of flowers.
• Devices for connection 《It is possible to see the state of the event on the day (participate in chat, etc.) 》
• Smart Phone, Camera (When taking a picture and sending it as data later)

【Participation Fee】
※Please bear the expenses related to communication costs.

No application required.

【Way to Participate】
Participation by photos.
(If you send us the photo data by March 31st, we will share it with others on the day.)

《Participation on the Day》
• Participation by zoom (Share images with others)
• Participation by YouTube (Chat only participation)
• Join by Instagram and/or Twitter with tags.
• Send the photos taken during the CandleNight0405 event later as photo data by email.
※ They may be posted on YouTube, Ameba Blog, our HP, etc. later.

• We do not offer any collaboration products this time. Appreciate your understanding.
• It is not always necessary to light a candle, but please be careful of fire when lighting it.
• Please consider various copyrights in the photos you send.
• Please be careful not to reflect any personal information when connecting with zoom.
• Please kindly understand that the copyright of the photos you send and the one of the photos you post with tags will be transferred to “Haruma Miura Cheering Project”.
• Participation by antisocial forces will be asked to leave based on the secretariat’s judges.
• If any inconvenience such as false accusation is found against others, the secretariat will take immediate actions for letting such participants leave.
• The secretariat will not be responsible for any accidents, injuries, damages, etc. that occur when you participate in CandleNight0405.

We will hold this event as a place to share and accompany your feelings to Haruma Miura.

No matter what you think, whether it’s the same or different with others, as long as you truly care about Haruma Miura can participate.

Even if you disagree with our project in some ways, we also welcome you to join us.

It is the place where everyone can come together truly caring about Haruma Miura, so we would be grateful if anyone could join us.

【Zoom Connection Test】
March 12 and March 26: 5:00 AM to midnight (Japan Time)
The test MTG Number will be announced later.

March 5, 2022
All Members of Haruma Miura Cheering Project

translator: Mariko


CandleNight0405 -2nd- 2022年4月5日CandleNightをリモートにて開催いたします。