Candle Night 0405 Dedicated to him(English)


 April 5, 2021, 0:00〜24:00 (Japan Time)

【Way to Participate】

1) Access to zoom (The meeting number will be advised later.)

0:00 - 1:00 / 14:00 - 15:00 / 22:00 - 24:00 (Japan Time)

You can participate all the meetings or only one time or can also leave on the way. 

2) On Instagram Twitter

Enter the following and post the photo(s) of candles you took.

#Candle Night 0405



3) Post your candle photo(s) and send it (or them) to the specified email address.

You will be advised the sending email address later.

❇︎ 1): Scheduled to be delivered in YouTube on real time.

❇︎ 2) and 3): Photos we received will be published in YouTube and Homepage of Haruma Miura Cheering Project.

【What to prepare】

🌸 Candles you like.

(The original candles are available supported by Wa-Rousoku DAIYO(DAIYO,inc.).

These are currently in production. Details are advised later.)

🌸 Camera or Smart-Phone

🌸 Items you like (such as flowers, cake, Japanese Sake)


• Don’t include your personal/private information in the photos.

• Copy Right of the photos you are going to send are kindly requested to be donated to our project.

• Voice is blocked during the ongoing zoom meeting. Please refrain from making any statements regarding slandering or pursuit of faith.

• Free to participate. But communication costs are paid by yourself.

• Pay attention to fires, etc. and in case of minors’ participation, their parents are requested to participate together with.

【Original Candles】

The message to you all from Wa-Rousoku DAIYO(DAIYO,inc.) in Shiga Prefecture, which Haruma-san visited and interviewed in “NIHON-SEI”, is here. Please have a look.

【On the occasion of this Event】

Originator: TomakoTomako-san

Company which supports us: Wa-Rousoku DAIYO(DAIYO,inc.)

Collaborator: pepa-san

Organizer: Haruma Miura Cheering Project


Haruma Miura Cheering Project

Please contact as a reply comment. Or, contact to:

❇︎ Please never directly get in touch with Wa-Rousoku DAIYO.

【On the occasion of this Event】

TomakoTomako-san’s Feeling, Originator.

Every time I see the last scene of TENGARAMON,
I cannot help but shed moving tears observing numerous lights
gathering together with the same feelings.
If we can feel connection by lighting candles
with many people we cannot actually meet and talk to ・・・
If we can connect the batons of the same feelings,
how wonderful it would be ・・ that what we thought.
More than anything,
we would like to deliver our feelings to Haruma-kun,
which we strongly share with
that he will continuously shine forever in our hearts.
Hoping you can join us at “Candle Night 0405 Dedicated to Him” Event together.
Thank you.

English translation Mariko


CandleNight0405 -2nd- 2022年4月5日CandleNightをリモートにて開催いたします。