Q & A Summary(English):

“Frequently asked Questions” is as follows.

Strictly refrain from making directly inquiries to Wa-Rousoku DAIYO (DAIYO,inc.).

Q: Did you get permission for the event from the agency he belonged to (hereinafter  we refer to as “the agency”)?
A: Refer to “Our Activities and Events”:

Q: Did you get permission from the agency to sell candles?
A: Refer to “Our Activities and Events”:  

Q: Did you get permission from his bereaved family in this regard?
A: Refer to “Our Activities and Events”:  

Q: Did you take appropriate actions on portrait rights, copyrights and publicity rights?
A: We are dealing with them consulting with our experts.

Q: How to use candle sales revenue?
A: In case the sale makes a profit, we consider donating to charity.

Q: Where to be donated?
A: Under consideration.

Q: What kind of people are the members of this project?
A: They are volunteers who love Haruma Miura and Night Diver.

Q: How do the members of the project connect each other?
A: Through SNS.

Q: Do you intend to continue these activities?
A: Under consideration.

Q: Cancelation, returns and refund can be accepted?
A: Refer to Terms and Conditions of the sales site BASE.

Q: As I want to apply for 0405 Event, explain the way how to.
A: No application is required. Refer to our homepage on how to participate.

Q: What is BASE? Can we purchase only through BASE?
A: BASE is a shopping application and an on-line shopping site.
 You can purchase in our homepage, but the BASE system is used.

Q: How about shipping fee in case many orders are made?
A: Scheduled to be sold in limited quantities per person.
 Shipping fee is planned to be ¥520.

Q: Can I purchase other DAIYO’s candles together with the original ones for the event?
A: Please directly purchase DAIYO’s candles from DAIYO’s homepage.

Q: I cannot use email and/or Internet, but can I participate?
A: Other ways like “mails” or “LINE” are now under consideration.
 (not decided yet)

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