Our Activities and Events: (English)

In launching and operating a volunteer group named “Haruma Miura Cheering Project”, our policy is to proceed with our activities while giving consideration to each area. The purpose of our activities is to praise for Haruma Miura’s achievements during his lifetime, and to focus on grief work for his fans who are still in deep sorrow left scattered all over the places.

After consulting with our experts, we have sent out letters several times to the agency to which he belonged to during his lifetime (hereinafter we refer to as “the agency”) asking about Haruma Miura’s portrait rights, publicity rights, copyright, etc., in our plan.
We would like rather not disclose the specific content of the response from the agency in detail, but they state neither permission nor refusal of permission for this issue but wish we would remember him respecting the rules of society. We much appreciate their responding back to us.

According to the experts we are consulting with, the use of the name of Haruma Miura could be generally possible in holding the event “Candle Night 0405 Dedicated to him” and Japanese candle sales this time. However, we decided not to use it both in the event and in the product name. We already reported our decision to the agency and asked them to convey it also to his mother. We have not received any response on this issue from them yet, but in case we got any, we would be ready to appropriately respond accordingly.

The candle sale is not anticipated to get any profit. But if it makes some, we will consider donating it to the charity Haruma Miura was involved in. This event is basically planned for quietly spending time together with those who love Haruma Miura cherishing our ties with him.

We would much appreciate it if you could understand these concepts of the event.

Please contact us to the following if you have any questions:

English translation:  Mariko


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